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3×3 Magnetic Pop Up Display – 5 panels in total (3 front panel and 2 D-end panels)

The Magnetic Pop Up display features all the benefits of our base model system but also incorporates magnetic graphic hangers. This means that the panels link to the top of the frame with magnets rather than by using a plastic cup that locates over an equivalent plastic pin at the top of the frame.

There are three main benefits with a magnetic hanger when compared to the standard mechanical fixings that is used on the standard system:-

1. The panels are easier to assemble as they latch to the top of the frame magnetically.

2. The panels fit neater to the top of the frame as the magnetic hangers pull the graphics more flush to the frame at the top.

3. The hanging kits are much more difficult to break as there are no hooks that can be snapped off the frame itself.

To assemble the pop up stand, simply ‘pop up’ the framework, connect the supplied magnetic bars to the tubing by offering them up to the frame and you are ready to start hanging on the panels. It’s best to start at one end, working your way along the framework one panel at a time. The panels attach magnetically at the top of the frame and then magnetically adhering to the framework along each edge. For a complete beginner the assembly should be no more than 10 minutes (and a lot less after some practice).

We will supply you with details of how to send your artwork after your order is completed.

What’s Included

  • Frame – with 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • Frame Bag
  • Magnetic Channel Bars
  • Set of panels for front and sides of frame

Optional Case: 

  1. Wheeled carry case (stores pop up stand, graphics and accessories)


Optional Upgrade: get all of the following items when bought at the same time as the stand…

  1. Carry case with wheels (stores pop up stand, graphics and lights)
  2. Wrap-around print for wheeled case and folding table top (allows case to be transformed into a convenient table/counter).
  3. Floodlight Kit (2 x halogen lights with UK mains plugs)


Product Features

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Robust Aluminium Frame
  • Quick Fix magnetically attached aluminium fixing bars
  • Compatible with a range of lights and accessories
  • Standard frame height 2280mm tall (assembled size)
  • Sets up in just minutes with no tools required
  • Selection of pop up transit cases available to make transport and storage even easier

Assembled Dimensions

Please refer to the Data Sheet tab above for product sizes. A diagramatical data sheet is also available, please click on the downloads tab above.

Artwork Sizes – Artwork setup templates are available from the downloads tab above.

Setup Sizes – Regular Height Stands

Regular Height Curved Stand: 3365mm wide x 2225mm tall (3 front panels at 673mm wide, 2 curved  D-end panels at 673mm wide)

Regular Height Straight Stand: 3542mm wide x 2225mm tall (3 front panels at 733mm wide, 2 curved D-end panels at 673mm wide)

Artwork Setup Info

Resolution – We suggest no less than 150dpi at full size. If you set artwork at a reduced scale, please increase resolution accordingly to allow for enlargement (for example at half size, double the resolution).

Colour Mode: Supply artwork in CMYK mode only

Bleeds: Please supply artwork as one spread, not individual pages. No additional edge bleed is required.

Important Info: The D-end panels on the pop up display are curved. They start at the front of the display and wrap-around to the back, thus forming half a cylindrical shape. Care should be taken not to position viewable information too far to the outside edges of these panels otherwise it will fall to the rear of the display. As a rule of thumb, the half-way point across the end panel represents the outside edge of the display. A useful artwork setup guide that explains clearly is available to download with our artwork templates.

Files types supported: Please save files as JPG, Tiff or PDF. We also accept most industry standard design software although any files supplied in such formats should be collected for output with all text converted to outlines before saving.